Our most successful Climb for Congo yet!

This was our most successful Climb for Congo yet — raising almost $2,700 for two orphans in the Congo, buy several sewing machines for the Congo Restoration Sewing School, with some left over to help more women in kids in the worst conflict the world has seen since WWII. Thanks to the church groups who came out, to Summit Climbing Gym – Dallas, Team Texas Youth Climbing Team, and everyone else who came out to help on Sunday. We can’t wait to do it all again next year!

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Thanks to all the youth groups who joined us: Northridge Presbyterian, NorthPark Presbyterian, Greenland Hills UMC, Ridgewood Park UMC, and University Park UMC. We had a blast!







We did it!

“The little grassroots people can change the world.” — Wangari Maathai, Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

You have proved Wangari is right!

In just 43 days, you changed the world by supporting a little sewing school in Eastern Congo that will change the trajectory of the lives of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of women. This evening, the Congo Restoration Sewing School in Bukavu took its first step toward reality. We raised $15,310 — enough for us to open our doors this summer. Now it’s time to find a space, hire teachers, buy sewing machines, and sign up new students! The board of directors for Congo Restoration and the women of Eastern Congo can’t thank you enough.

Now, let’s get to opening that school!

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Starting Some Good!

We started our first first crowdfunding campaign today — on International Women’s Day. It seems the perfect day to begin a 43-day campaign that will change the trajectory of women in the Congo!

Here’s the scoop on the campaign:

• We have until Easter Sunday to raise $15,100 to start our new sewing school in Bukavu.

• If we don’t raise the entire $15,100, we don’t get to keep any of it. That’s the way it is in the world of crowdfunding campaigns.

• When we do raise the $15,100, we will immediately begin work opening the new school and educating 60 women a year!

Here’s more about our campaign. Please take the time to watch our 3:30-minute video (we 40-somethings had to endure asking help of our eye-rolling teenagers to learn how to do it). If you feel so compelled, please donate and share.


Thank you!