Sewing School

This is the story of Mwamini, who is 26 and graduated from the Congo Restoration Sewing School in 2012.

I thank Congo Restoration because my life was no good. I was working in the field and that’s where I got raped. I could not go back there anymore. I suffered all my life until someone came to give me the information that Congo Restoration is helping women. I came just to see if I could be accepted. They accepted me right away.

I got into school, and I started learning, learning, learning. I became very good at sewing. Congo Restoration gave me a sewing machine. I am now able to train some other women. I can sew clothes well and earn money.

I can do whatever I want now. I am independent now. I don’t need to depend on anyone. Anytime I need some money, I sew clothes and sell them.

I am so happy. I just want to say thank you very much go Congo Restoration. You restored my life.

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