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Be a part of new all girls primary school!

Our new all girls primary school is coming along beautifully! Board members Dawn McMullan and Angela Lovell visited the school last month and participated in teacher interviews. Now, four teachers have been hired — one main teacher and one assistant for each of the two classrooms. We are starting with one first grade classroom and one second grade classroom to educate a total of 80 girls.

Here are some of the costs we have left before our September opening:

• Tables and chairs for our 80 students (half in first grade, half in second). The chairs are $12 each and 14 tables are $150 each. TOTAL: $3,060

• Tables and chairs for our four teachers (two for each classroom). The tables are $180 each, chairs are $12 each. TOTAL: $408

• $2200 to build bathrooms for the entire school (able to accommodate even once we have finished all six planned grades at the school).

Stay tuned here for photos of the construction and our amazing carpenter, who is ready to get to work on those tables and chairs!

Here’s how you can help: If you have questions, email Dawn McMullan at

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If you’d like to donate to our Congo Restoration Village School fund — we’re opening a first-grade classroom next fall!!) — please donate through our GoFundMe campaign here.

Thank you!!

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3 thoughts on “How you can help

    1. Dawn McMullan Post author

      Thanks, Diane! I’ll look through our PayPal account to get a guest list. Or you can message me, like you just did. 🙂 So glad you can make it. Maybe drag Andrea along with you … or whomever you’d like! Thanks so much. It’ll be great to see you! — Dawn

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