Climb for Congo

Climb for Congo started in 2011 as a way to empower local youth to gather together, have some fun, and learn about — and help — children half a world away who have been involved in a civil war for more than a decade.

Summit Climbing Gym and its amazing Team Texas youth climbing team took on the goal of supporting two orphans in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Each year, they host Climb for Congo, inviting local youth groups to come and climb for an afternoon to raise money Congo Restoration. The money they raise sends these two children to school, pays their medical bills, and gives their extended family support with daily expenses.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 3.20.27 PM
Nsimire, 12, is on the left. She and Nshokano, 13, lost their families in a war that raged in Eastern Congo for more than a decade. But they are doing well today — excelling in school and enjoying a little soccer in their off time.

What can a bunch of rock climbers and people strapped in harnesses on a tall wall do?

Well, climb, of course. And they do. Every year.

Climb for Congo has raised almost $10,000 for children in the Congo … sometimes having money left over to help support the Congo Restoration Sewing School, too!

Here are the details of this year’s event. Interested in joining us? Email

What: 6th-Annual Climb for Congo, benefitting Dallas-based Congo Restoration.

Where: Summit Climbing Gym/Dallas, 9201 Forest Lane, Dallas.

When: 5-8 pm, Sunday, May 1, 2016.

Details: Your $20 entry fee (which includes gear, pizza, soda & Climb for Congo T-shirt) will go toward our goal to support two orphans in Congo for one year. Members of Team Texas — the No. 1 youth rock climbing team in the nation — will work the event.

Fine print: If under 18, you must bring a waiver signed by your parents. Please join us for a fun time and provide a hold for these children and women that — without our support — they may not be able to reach.

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