Virtual Global Village Market and Trunk Sale This Weekend!

Congo Restoration has been part of the Global Village Market at Greenland Hills UMC for each of its 13 years. Year 14, of course, is going to look a tad different.

There are two ways you can participate:

  1. Donate: Donate here this weekend as part of the Virtual Global Village Market. Your donation can fund: $25 can fund the education of one girl in our all girls primary school for one month. $300 can fund that girl for a year. $150 will fund a sewing machine for one of our sewing school graduates. $1000 will pay for breakfast and lunch for all our 800 girls for one month.
  2. Shop: Come to our Trunk Sale on Saturday, Nov. 7, from 1-4 pm at the church in the M Streets. COVID protocols will be in place at the outside event to keep everyone safe. In addition to our usual aprons and napkins, we are also selling face masks, pillow cases, and bags.

We hope to see you this weekend!

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