Why you should buy a pig this Mother’s Day

2016 Congo Mothers Day Ad

How can a pig help a child?

First, a little background. In November of 2008, rebels attacked the village of Kanyola in Eastern Congo, a result of long-term conflict in the region, partly involving the 1994 genocide in neighboring Rwanda. When Congo Restoration Founder Gorethy Nabushosi returned to her home in Bukavu, Eastern Congo, in early 2009 — a decade after she fled with her family — she visited a hospital helping women had been raped in the conflict. The women asked her to go to see what had become of their village, Kanyola

So Gorethy went. She found hundreds of children who had no families anymore. One boy, Mushaga, lost his parents and five siblings that day. He was 7.

Gorethy took 30 children, including Mushaga. And so began Congo Restoration. 

Today, Mushaga and the 29 other children live with extended family members, supported by Gorethy and Congo Restoration. These 30 children have homes, a village of support — locally and in the United States through Congo Restoration! — go to school, and have regular health care. 

By donating a pig to each of these families, we will provide them with long-term financial stability. It may be difficult to understand living in the United States, but owning a pig as a dream come true for these families.

mushaga & dawn

Mushaga, now 15, with Congo Restoration Chair of the Board Dawn McMullan, in Bukavu one year ago. Mushaga is at the top of his class and plans to go to university.

In Congo, a pig means status and stability. Mushaga and the other children from Kanyola have seen far too little of that in their young years. 

So hurray for pigs! And hurray for you! 

Thanks for everything. Stay tuned for upcoming pig pictures as we get this program going!

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