Starting Some Good!

We started our first first crowdfunding campaign today — on International Women’s Day. It seems the perfect day to begin a 43-day campaign that will change the trajectory of women in the Congo!

Here’s the scoop on the campaign:

• We have until Easter Sunday to raise $15,100 to start our new sewing school in Bukavu.

• If we don’t raise the entire $15,100, we don’t get to keep any of it. That’s the way it is in the world of crowdfunding campaigns.

• When we do raise the $15,100, we will immediately begin work opening the new school and educating 60 women a year!

Here’s more about our campaign. Please take the time to watch our 3:30-minute video (we 40-somethings had to endure asking help of our eye-rolling teenagers to learn how to do it). If you feel so compelled, please donate and share.

Thank you!


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