Let’s bring water to our girls

The women who work for the Congo Restoration Girls School of Compassion walk two miles — each way — to gather water for our girls. This year has been hard enough on all of us. Let’s bring water to the school to help the girls wash their hands more easily during the pandemic and ease the burden on these women.

Laura Ryan, founder of Syracuse-based Just Add Water, created a soap just for this fundraiser. Because water and soap should go together, right? The first 36 people who donate $50 or more get a limited edition Sabuni Spice (“sabuni” means “soap” in Swahili). This Congo- and autumn-inspired soap will remind you of the difference you have made to these students.

Let’s get the water and soap flowing! Donate via Chair of the Board Dawn McMullan’s Facebook fundraiser here.

COVID masks … here and in DRC

We want to share two updates related to the coronavirus:

angela masks

1. We have a friend to Congo Restoration in Dallas making masks with fabric from Congo. The masks are $15 and $5 for each goes to Congo Restoration. If you’re interested in buying one, email our chair of the board, Dawn McMullan, at dmcmullan@sbcglobal.net.

2. The students at our sewing school are making masks and giving them to people in their village. Here is a glimpse of what villagers were wearing in the early day of the pandemic before our talented students were able to gear up for production.

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 11.47.26 AM

Thanks to everyone for their support of Congo Restoration during this time. It is a struggle for all of us individually and for our budgets. Your support means everything to us right now. If you’d like to donate, through PayPal, Venmo, or UMCOR, click here.

40 women to graduate in June

The chair of our board, Dawn McMullan, is traveling to the DRC for our upcoming graduation in early June. We have 40 graduates whose lives will be changed by your investment in them and their work at our school for the past eight months. Help us honor them by funding their graduation gifts: A sewing machine (shared by two graduates who will start a business together) and a sewing kit (of sewing necessities from the US). Dawn leaves on June 2 so we need all donations by Friday, May 24. Donation links here.

2018 Congo Sew School Ad

Thank you! Stay tuned for joyous graduation photos from the Congo!

Our October 2018 graduation!

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 9.40.38 PM

When this class of 40 women graduates on October 27, we will have graduated 409 women in Eastern Congo!!! I wish you could go with me to visit them at their local businesses. They are so proud. You did that!

We are busy shopping in Dallas for sewing kit supplies — with the gorgeous sewing kit bags the Sisters of Sewing (SOS) of Keller United Methodist Church made for us (see below). We buy the sewing machines in Bukavu, so are raising money to make that order there.

For $25, you can sponsor a sewing kit (we need 40, one for each graduate). For $150, you can sponsor a sewing machine (we need 20; we give two graduates one machine to share as they start their own business).

You always come through for these women. Thank you for that.


Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 2.51.47 PM

The contents of each sewing kit.


sewing kits

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 2.49.53 PM

Thanks to the Sisters Of Sewing (SOS) at Keller UMC for making these gorgeous bags for our sewing kits!


10-Year Anniversary Celebration! Come celebrate 10 years of our work together! Let’s celebrate the African way — with traditional food, drums, family and friends. In 2008, our founder, Gorethy Nabushosi had a calling and a dream. You have made that dream come true — for her and for so many women and children in Eastern Congo.

Gorethy is in Dallas from the DRC to share with our supporters all that has happened in our 10 years, as well as her vision for the next 10 years. Join Gorethy and our board of directors as we bring a little bit of the Congo to you to honor all you have done for Congo.

Need a ticket? Click here.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 4.49.19 PM

Planning for our April 2017 graduation!

We are excited that the chair of our board is traveling to Bukavu next month to attend the our next sewing school graduation!! Dawn McMullan last traveled to DRC in 2015. Here’s a video from that graduation day — our graduates waiving their graduation certificates in joy.

We are now fundraising for our upcoming graduation to provide a sewing kit and sewing machine to each of our 40 graduates. Would you like to sponsor a sewing machine ($150), sewing kit ($25) … or both ($175)? Make a donation between now and Dawn’s trip on April 1 to be a part of this amazing, life-changing school. Donate here, through PayPal or UMCOR.

Thank you for all you do for the women of Eastern Congo!

Celebrate #GivingTuesday!

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 3.34.27 PM

Today is #GivingTuesday! On the flip side of #BlackFriday, #SmallBusinessSaturday, and #CyberMonday, #GivingTuesday is a chance to kick off the holiday season by giving back. As you reflect on your many options today, we hope you will consider making a donation to Congo Restoration to continue the wonderful work you have helped us do for many years.

We have two areas of need we’re hoping you can help with on this #GivingTuesday. Just click here before midnight CST on Tuesday, Nov. 29, to help us get started on our exciting 2017 plans.

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-10-09-10-amHow much should you give? We have two urgent needs in Eastern Congo right now:

  1. Christmas for our 30 orphans: A donation of $25 will provide a much-needed article of clothing for each of our children, plus a special meal of chicken and rice for the extended family that has taken this child. Add $10 for a total donation of $35 and you will have paid school fees for the rest of the year.
  2. Pigs for our 2017 program and sewing machines for our January 2017 graduates: A donation of $150 will provide a sewing machine to one of our 40 sewing school graduates OR a pig for our new pig program. Upon graduating from our eight-month program, we help the women in our sewing school start their own businesses, allowing them to support themselves, their children, and earn respect within the village. Our next graduation is at the end of January. We are also starting a pig farm. Pigs are vital to Congo and to have a pig is to have a means to support your family. Congo Restoration has started a small pig farm in Eastern Congo and and hopes this farm eventually will help us become a self-sustaining organization.

Thanks for investing in the women and children of Eastern Congo!

Cargo for the Congo!

We have a wonderful opportunity to ship much-needed items from the Dallas area to Eastern Congo via donated space in a shipping container. Here are all the details. We need items by July 7. Let us know if you have something to donate! Please email Dawn McMullan at dmcmullan@sbcglobal.net for more information.


Why you should buy a pig this Mother’s Day

2016 Congo Mothers Day Ad

How can a pig help a child?

First, a little background. In November of 2008, rebels attacked the village of Kanyola in Eastern Congo, a result of long-term conflict in the region, partly involving the 1994 genocide in neighboring Rwanda. When Congo Restoration Founder Gorethy Nabushosi returned to her home in Bukavu, Eastern Congo, in early 2009 — a decade after she fled with her family — she visited a hospital helping women had been raped in the conflict. The women asked her to go to see what had become of their village, Kanyola

So Gorethy went. She found hundreds of children who had no families anymore. One boy, Mushaga, lost his parents and five siblings that day. He was 7.

Gorethy took 30 children, including Mushaga. And so began Congo Restoration. 

Today, Mushaga and the 29 other children live with extended family members, supported by Gorethy and Congo Restoration. These 30 children have homes, a village of support — locally and in the United States through Congo Restoration! — go to school, and have regular health care. 

By donating a pig to each of these families, we will provide them with long-term financial stability. It may be difficult to understand living in the United States, but owning a pig as a dream come true for these families.

mushaga & dawn

Mushaga, now 15, with Congo Restoration Chair of the Board Dawn McMullan, in Bukavu one year ago. Mushaga is at the top of his class and plans to go to university.

In Congo, a pig means status and stability. Mushaga and the other children from Kanyola have seen far too little of that in their young years. 

So hurray for pigs! And hurray for you! 

Thanks for everything. Stay tuned for upcoming pig pictures as we get this program going!

Click here to donate.